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    Justhost is a webhosting company that offers cheap and reliable hosting for its customers. They offer free domain name registration as well as the ability to host unlimited domains. This affordable web hosting option offers a lot of advantages, so let’s take a look at some of the features of Justhost Webhosting.


    Justhost Discount Coupons

    Easy to Use

    One of the major advantages is that Justhost is easy to use, which makes it very useful for first-time website owners. The service offers a lot of features, but it is simple for most people to figure out how they work because the design is very intuitive. The ease of use this website offers is due to the control panel, which provides easy access to all of the features.

    Many Great Features

    Justhost offers an excellent selection of features, including site creation tools that will help you to build your website from scratch. Also, they have a wide range of email options, including unlimited storage and an unlimited number of IMAP and POP3 email addresses.

    You will also have an administrative control panel so that you can manage all of your websites from one interface. If you have web design skills, you can use the advanced features of the service and create custom pages.

    Also, Justhost offers you the ability to create unlimited additional FTP accounts, which is an advantage because other authorized users can access your site. This will allow your website scalability, so that it can grow in the future.

    Technical Help and Support

    Another advantage of using Justhost is the fact that they offer three different methods to reach them when you need customer support – phone, email or chat. The company has a support portal so that users can access server status information. The support is available 24/7, so if you have a problem with your website you can get help at any time.

    Justhost also provides support in many other forms, including user forums, video tutorials and a knowledgebase. They are one of the few webhosting services that provides customers with a “wizard” for getting started. It is designed to lead customers through the step by step process of creating a website.

    An Affordable Webhosting Option

    The prices that Justhost Webhosting offers are very competitive and they offer unlimited email accounts, disk space and transfers, as well as the ability to host unlimited domains. Customers can use Justhost discount codes to save even more.

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    However, even though their prices are low they strive to deliver a high quality service. They host their customer websites in a data center with a high quality UPS power back-up generator. They also perform 24/network monitoring, so that they can deal with any issues that arise immediately.

    There are a lot of web design options out there to choose from, so it can be difficult to find the best company. However, Justhost Webhosting is an example of a webhosting service that prides itself on offering a high level of service and an easy to use product, for a price that is affordable.


  • February 19, 2015 /  Hostgator Webhosting

    Hostgator has been in the shared and reseller webhosting industry for the last 10 years while Justhost has been in the industry just a couple of years. However, Chris Phillips, the owner of Justhost, has been in the industry for long and knows all the nitty gritties in webhosting. The two webhosting services are renowned and offer great services. However, they differ in features, pricing and reliability. Which is the best among the two?

    Justhost Webhosting


    Both services are rich in features. They offer the basic shared hosting features including unrestricted disk storage, unrestricted monthly data transfer, unrestricted email accounts, a plethora of programming languages including PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl and Python among others and MySQL databases. However, their hosting plans are different in many aspects. One advantage of Hostgator over Justhost is that they offer a variety of hosting plans to ensure all their customers find their place. Hostgator does not offer a free domain but substitutes this by having a high number of programming languages options. They also have the best site-builders including WordPress, Magenta and Joomla among others. Justhost also offers a number of site-builders. Both the services offer SSH and shared SSL.

    Hostgator offers 45 days money back guarantee for all its plans while Justhost offers anytime money back guarantee. Both have discounts and coupons in many third party sites. Justhost being a newcomer in the webhosting industry, we are not sure of how long their lifetime money back guarantee and 67% discount will last. Hostgator has been consistent on their discounts and their coupons work creating trust with the customers.


    Hostgator’s data centers are manned by a team of technicians 24/7 to ensure any technical hitch is attended to before it affects your website. Their power backup generators are checked every week to ensure they are in good condition. Their uptime has been consistent for the last couple of years; 99.99%. They also partner with other third party companies who cater for their primary data centers and network details all in a bid to improve their reliability.

    Just host on the other hand runs their data centers and their servers are dual quad processor. The UPS generators ensure there are no interruptions that may lead to loss of visitors on your site. The data centers are manned by technicians to detect problems before they reach you. However, Hostgator beats them slightly on uptime; Justhost’s uptime is 99.96%.

    For both sites, the loading speed is great. In average, Hostgator loads at 338ms while Justhost loads at 366ms. Hostgator thus beats Justhost in speed by a whole 8%.

    Technical Support

    The technical support teams for the two services are experienced. They both offer live chat, email and toll free support. The response time is averagely 2 minutes for each. However, Hostgator beats Justhost in forums and knowledge-bases. They have more video tutorials, articles and the get-started guide. Their FAQ page is also more detailed.

    Wrapping Up

    Generally, Hostgator is more popular than Justhost. With more than 2 million hosted sites, they have continued winning the trust of webmasters. Justhost on the other hand is coming up real fast. Though newbies may be confused on the topic of Hostgator vs Justhost, Hostgator remains on top and the best choice in terms of reliability, features and hosting plans.

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